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08/24/2018 An email to a Good Buddy
08/21/2018 Middle of the night trading helps earn 2.4%
08/20/2018 Second trade earning six pips takes just 30 seconds
08/14/2018 Wild day earns six pips three times and 7.9%
08/10/2018 TGIF . . Done making 2.4%
08/09/2018 Scalping for six pips and 2.4% twice in a row
08/01/2018 My (almost) guaranteed way to earn 2.4%
07/27/2018 How to trail your stops to earn at least 1%
07/26/2018 Don't let losing on your first trade get to you
07/24/2018 How to use the "3 small trade strategy" to earn your daily profit
07/20/2018 A few more 2% trades
07/19/2018 How to earn better than 2% multiple times
07/11/2018 Another AVG trading day earning 9.7%
06/28/2018 Another AVG trading day earns 9.6%
06/27/2018 How to trade the AVG strategy for more pips
06/21/2018 How to handle the start of your day with a loss?
06/18/2018 Point and figure helps us identify a choppy period
06/08/2018 Even monkeys fall out of trees
06/06/2018 Let's trade the AVG strategy and earn 11.3%
06/01/2018 Don't get sucked into wild moves if you're scalping
05/31/2018 Two 3 pip trades . . Another 2.4%
05/29/2018 How to recover a nine pip loss using 3 pip trades
05/25/2018 Friday morning trading . . 16 minutes: 2.4%
05/23/2018 Two, 3 pip trades, just one minute apiece: 2.4%
05/16/2018 Two, 3 pip trades, 4 and 6 minutes apiece: 2.4%
05/15/2018 How to recover from a loss and earn 2.4%
05/11/2018 Is Friday a good day to trade?
05/03/2018 Trading the Channel earns 2.3%
04/26/2018 AVG Tab indicates a short sell
04/25/2018 P1-2-3 Strategy earns 240 pips
04/20/2018 Another "Monster Trade" earns 315 pips
04/04/2018 "Monster Trade" earns 322 pips
03/29/2018 Candid advice: Which is better . . Short or Long term trading?
03/28/2018 How to put on a "Monster Trade!"
03/02/2018 Can you be happy earning just ten percent a week?
03/01/2018 One channel . . Two minutes . . Six pips . . 2.2%
02/28/2018 More "Channel Trading" earns 2.4%
02/27/2018 How to use a channel to earn 2.1%
02/23/2018 Another 2.1% day
02/22/2018 How to simply earn 2.2% again
02/21/2018 Scalping trade earns six pips and 2.1% using AVG log
02/09/2018 Why did I "Readjust" my stop order and make 5.1%?
02/08/2018 AVG Strategy earns 11.1% for the day
02/05/2018 Wild stock market helps earn Forex 350 pips and 29.9%
01/31/2018 Point and figure shows direction to earn 5.3%
01/26/2018 Keep your positions the same size for your trade
01/11/2018 Are you a consistent trader?
01/05/2018 Six minutes . . Six pips
01/04/2018 New Year's trading earns six pips despite the flu
12/26/2017 Holiday trading earns 2.4%
12/12/2017 "You make it look so easy!"
12/05/2017 Point and figure helps us recover from a loss
12/04/2017 Can a win by your football team help you win at Forex?
12/01/2017 Up 14.9% for the week
11/30/2017 Over-anxious trading costs me 9 pips
11/29/2017 Made a ton of mistakes but still earned 3.5%
11/28/2017 How to earn 2.2% using the 1 Day chart
11/10/2017 How to earn 5.6% using the AVG strategy
11/08/2017 How to earn 40% a month with just 6 pips/day
11/07/2017 My (almost) guaranteed way to earn 2.4%
10/26/2017 Do you often chase prices?
10/23/2017 My Broker pays for my loss
10/13/2017 "Dollar Drops like Hot Potato"
10/12/2017 Trading my Observations
10/04/2017 Much easier day than yesterday
10/03/2017 Do you jump in prematurely?
10/02/2017 Two Midnight trades earn six pips
09/21/2017 Do you follow the script . .?
09/11/2017 Overnight trade earns 16.1%
09/05/2017 Stopped out when spread spikes to 10, but . . .
08/30/2017 36 Pips . . Three pips at a time
08/24/2017 How to "test" the previous highs or lows
08/23/2017 Let's earn another six pips for the day
08/14/2017 How to earn a couple six pip trades to start the week
08/03/2017 How to add trades as prices move in your favor
08/01/2017 How to start the first day of the month
07/28/2017 Should you ever take a profit of zero?
07/27/2017 It takes a lot of discipline to follow the rules you set for yourself
07/25/2017 Seven trades in a row earn 12.7%
07/19/2017 Just one trade earns 2.4%
07/07/2017 "Middle of the road" trading
07/05/2017 Here's another tool I use to earn a profit
07/03/2017 How to trade the 4th of July Holiday
06/30/2017 "It's not easy, but it's simple"
06/16/2017 Yesterday's trade closes out, earns 320 pips
06/15/2017 How to handle a trade that may give you more than 3-6 pips
06/08/2017 Followed my own advice and made72 pips
06/07/2017 How to earn a profit by giving your trade a little cushion
06/01/2017 Insure yourself of at least 3 pips
05/10/2017 Behind on emails slows down trading but still earns a profit
04/24/2017 The French election helps us earn 5.9%
04/21/2017 Point and figure indicates six pips rather than three
04/20/2017 Short term scalping using 5 and 1 min. charts
04/13/2017 More 3 pip days
03/29/2017 Twelve 3 Pip Trades in a Row
03/24/2017 Back to Business
02/22/2017 Holiday Weekend Trading Earns 62.7%
02/13/2017 How To Earn A Few Pips Before Bedtime
02/08/2017 How To Earn 19.4% Using 3 Pip Trades
02/02/2017 How To Train Like a Super Bowl Champion
01/27/2017 How To Become a Short Term Trader
01/26/2017 How to Calculate Your Profits
01/24/2017 What to do if The Markets Are Choppy
01/16/2017 How to Earn 2.5% with just two trades
12/14/2016 How to Earn 280 Pips in Two Days
12/06/2016 How to Trade Using an "Artificial EA"
12/01/2016 The Six Most Important Elements to Successful Trading
11/09/2016 How I Doubled My Money on Election Night 2016
11/01/2016 The Roadmap to Earning $16,000 per Mo. With Just Two 3 Pip Trades/day
10/25/2016 How to Read and Interpret Candlestick Formations
10/13/2016 How to Avoid Being Filled on a Losing Trade
10/11/2016 How I Closed Out Yesterday's Trade Earning 375 Pips and 47%
10/10/2016 How to Put on and Carry a Trade Over the Weekend
10/06/2016 How to Have a Profitable Trading Day on Your Birthday
10/04/2016 Overnight Trade Earns 10% Using a "Trailing Stop"
09/29/2016 How to Trade the Moving Averages (Part 2)
09/28/2016 How to Trade the Moving Averages (Part I)
09/13/2016 How to Plan Your Trading Day
08/17/2016 What is the Hardest Thing for Traders To Do?
08/11/2016 My Most Reliable Way to Trade
07/19/2016 How to Earn 3 Pips, Nine Times in a Row
07/13/2016 How to Earn Six Pips in 3 Minutes
07/08/2016 How to Earn a Profit With P1-2-3
07/07/2016 How to Earn 5%, three Pips at a Time
06/29/2016 How to Use "Oscar" to earn 6%
06/28/2016 How to Earn Pips During the "Brexit" Affair
06/17/2016 How a "Trailing Stop" Helps us Earn 12%
06/09/2016 How to Earn 20% With an Overnight Trade
06/03/2016 Do I Really Need a Stop Order?
06/02/2016 What if I Earn More Than 5%?
05/31/2016 Have You Ever Left Money on the Table?
05/26/2016 How to Earn "Unlimited Pips"
05/24/2016 How to Earn a Profit So You Can Walk Your Dog
05/18/2016 How to Lose 3 Pips but Then Earn Nine to Net Six
05/15/2016 How to Earn a Profit on a Sunday Night
05/13/2016 How to Earn 6.3% for the Day While Hedge Fund Managers are No-Shows
04/27/2016 How to Earn 68 Pips for the Day Using 3 Positions at a Time
04/26/2016 How to Earn 160 Pips in One Day Using Trailing Stops
04/22/2016 How to Earn Six Pips Using Point and Figure to Help You
04/21/2016 How to Earn Pips by Observing Long Candlestick "Wicks"
04/20/2016 How to Keep Track of Your Gains and Losses With a Shopping List
04/14/2016 How to Make Two 3 Pip Trades Using the Indicator Package
04/13/2016 How to Earn Six Pips Using Point and Figure
04/11/2016 How to Earn Six Pips a Day Using the MACD Signal Line

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