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Your $500–per–Day Game Plan


Your journey up the Forex Mountain requires a certain degree of effort, patience and skill. Just like a mountain climber.

World-class climbers use a series of basecamps where all climbers become accustomed to the altitude and equip themselves for their journey to the top of the mountain.

At each basecamp they get food and water, review the weather and get the mental encouragement they need to start their journey.

There are usually several basecamps at different levels up the mountain. At each camp there are Sherpa's to guide them.

My goal, like a Sherpa, is to guide you as you climb your Forex mountain!

Month #1: Grow your initial investment from $250 to $500

This will be your starting point. You've been trading with a demo account or maybe with as little as $100 in a live account. But now you're ready.

You may find the going easy, or you may fall back and have to start over.

But you’ll be learning and practicing foundational strategies that you’ll use in the second month.

Month #2: Double your $500 to $1,000

In month two you’ll start to use the strategies and indicators that seem to work best for you.

You’ll build on this knowledge and experience for your next climb.

Month #3: Double the $1,000 to $2,000

In month three you’ll have a large enough trading account to position yourself for the next climb. Most traders fail to get to this level.

But you’ll get there easily because of what you've learned at each Basecamp.

Month #4: This Climb Will See Your Account Reach $4,000

This month is where you begin to achieve a trading routine that you know by heart. You're able to pick and choose the time and amount to trade.

Now your trades are bringing in enough money to make a real impact on your financial situation. You aren’t risking the family budget because your trades are now funding themselves!

Month #5: Move Your Account From $4,000 to $8,000

This may be hard to imagine but now you'll never look back. At this point you’ll be extremely skilled in the art of earning Pips.

Right now is when you’ll seriously consider firing your day job!

Month #6: On This Final Climb You’ve Reached the Summit.

You'll Simply Build Your Account From $8,000 to $10,000

At this point you'll be earning about $500 per day in profits or whatever amount you choose. The best part is that now you’ll know exactly how to duplicate your success month after month.

You no longer need a Sherpa! Everything you need you will already know.

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