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In this module you will find articles and material that will help you learn how to manage the many aspects of Forex trading.

Let's start with the first one that all of us have perhaps considered from time to time: Quitting! It was written by one of my students and is as true today as ever. Then finish up by listening to questions asked by many of my students.

Click Here  if you're thinking of giving up!

Click Here  to see if you have the enthusiasm for trading Forex.

Click Here  to compare the value of Stock and Forex stop orders.

Click Here  for an in-depth review of Point and Figure (P&F) trading.

Click Here  to look yourself in the mirror. You may like what you see!

Click Here  to learn the six elements needed for successful trading

Click Here  to learn how to create the daily trading channels we use.

Click Here  to watch how trading the Daily Chart earned 580 pips.

Click Here  to review questions and answers asked by my students.

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