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On this page are the twelve Forex Coaching Lessons used with my
one-on-one coaching program. All of them cover an important element of successful trading.

We will be reviewing each lesson one at a time over the course of about 2-3 weeks. Once we are finished we will then come back and review the one that appears to fit the type of trading you would like to concentrate on.

I will also be helping you determine what might work best for you based on your background and experience.


Lesson #1  Money Management -- How Much Should I Win and Lose?

Lesson #2  How to Handle the Emotional Side of Your Trading.

Lesson #3  Using Moving Averages to Earn 5%.

Lesson #4  Scalping the Markets, Six Pips at a Time.

Lesson #5  Using the Indicator Package to Help us Earn 5%.

Lesson #6  Trading the Average Swings (AVG).

Lesson #7  Trading with Point and Figure.

Lesson #8  What in the World is P1-2-3?

Lesson #9  How to Increase Profits With Add-On's.

Lesson #10  Long Term Trading for Big Profits.

Lesson #11  Step-by-Step Details to Earning 5% a Day.

Lesson #12  Can You Really Earn a Living Trading Forex?

Bonus Lesson  The Poor Man's Holy Grail.

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