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From: George Smith
Seattle, Washington

Hi. I'm George Smith. Let me tell you a little about myself. I was born in 1935 the same year as Elvis and the same year Social Security was introduced in America! I guess that makes all of us about 84 years of age.

Whenever I read a book or review a product I'm always curious about the author. What can he teach me? What are his goals and motives in producing something that may have taken countless hours.

I'm sure you can understand that as well. So, I'm going to bend your ear for a moment and tell you where I'm coming from.

You may not believe this but I was a pilot for more than forty years. Ten years as a Navy pilot, then thirty as an airline pilot while serving an additional ten years in the Naval Reserve. If you've ever been to Hawaii perhaps you've been on one of my Aloha Airlines' flights.

Here's a picture of the plane I flew, a Boeing 737, often making as many as nine to twelve landings a day between
the Islands.

It's also the plane that made the news many years ago when the top tore off one of our planes and an emergency landing was made at Maui.

Unfortunately, my company went out of business when the economy turned sour hurting tourism worldwide.

So what has all this got to do with trading?

I've been told many times that pilots make good traders. I can't say that for sure, but pilots do have two things in common.

They are highly disciplined. They follow the rules and procedures.

Secondly, they use a checklist so they don't forget to put the wheels down, no matter how many landings they've made that day.

You do everything the same way, using the same procedures, every time.

It's the same strategy successful traders use in their daily trading.

When I was a teenager I read a book that fascinated me. It was about a guy who traveled the world while trading the stock market using telegrams. I still remember the name: "How I Made $2,000,000 in the Stock Market" by Nicolas Darvas.

It started me on the road to stock market investing.

Over the years I studied everything I could about the investment business. I began charting all the popular stocks of the day using the methods described by Edwards and Magee in their investment classic, "Technical Analysis of Stock Trends."

Later I began charting and trading commodity futures. As time passed, however, the markets became too wild for my style of trading.

There was a time when silver plunged down the limit each day for about a month, wiping out even the Hunt brothers who, it was said, were intent on cornering the silver market.

During my career as a Naval pilot I was an advanced flight instructor for three years. Later I did the same thing at my airline training new pilots transitioning into jetliners . That's probably one of the reasons I enjoy watching my Forex students become successful.

Like all airline pilots, forced to retire at age sixty by FAA rules, (later changed to 65, but not retroactive), we decided to move to the Pacific Northwest, not only for a change of scenery, but to avoid the early morning trading hours dictated by the time zones.

Hawaii is six hours behind New York during daylight saving time and getting up at 3 a.m. each day was not my idea of retirement. Nor was playing golf or taking cruises.

When Forex trading became widely popular I found the same tools and procedures I used with stocks also worked with Forex. I even wrote a 120 page ebook about my experiences, $500 Dollars per Trade

This led to the formation of my Forex Membership Site and my fourteen years of managing it to date.

Happily married for 40 years to my wife Jo Ann, a former PanAm stewardess, two cats, and a black Lab I believe we have the best combination of work and retired life.

Thanks for listening,

George Smith

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